Our Storage FAQ is here to help you! 

How much will storage cost?

This is answered in full on our ‘How much will storage cost‘ page.


How do I store my lawnmower and/or other household items?

These are explained on our ‘How do I store my Lawnmower‘ page and on our ‘How do I store … Tips‘ page.


Do you store my goods for me?

No, we only provide the space and security; as storing the goods would go against our purpose of ‘self storage’. But we do have goods trolleys onsite, a trailer available (for customer hire) and a list of recommended removalists for your convenience.


What are the access hours for the facility?

6am to 6pm, 7 days a week.


Can my goods be insured whilst in storage?



What can’t I store?

Dangerous, perishable or explosive goods. For e.g. Gas Bottles (full or empty), Paint thinners, Pet Food, Foodstuffs etc.


Do you sell boxes?

Yes, we sell a variety of boxes, cartons, tape and packaging materials. Please refer to our packaging page for a detailed list.


How do I secure my unit?

You can secure your unit with a padlock. If you don’t have one, we sell them at our office.


Do you like our Storage FAQ? If so you may also like to refer to our tips on storage category, but for personalized advice contact us for more info.