One misconception that people often have is that purpose built self storage units only come in large sizes. This being the case, they assume that in order to make use of the space available at a self storage facility they need to store many items or alternatively, large items. Along with this it is also often assumed that it must be long term storage that they are looking for.

At Everton Self Storage however this is not the case! We have the perfect storage solution tailored to people looking to store small items for a short term period. Best of all it’s both small in size and small in price!

The best solution available for short term storage of small items is mini cube storage. We have a number of mini cube storage solutions available at our facility in Everton Hills, Brisbane. These facilities are small units, perfect for the storage of just a few items, or small items such as books, dvd’s or other similar items. These facilities are the ideal solution for short term storage in the instance that you went on holidays or had to move out temporarily while your new renovations were being completed!

Alternatively, mini cube storage is also a great long term storage solution. We cater for all kinds of customers that make use of our mini cube storage facilities, so next time you are looking for an easy solution to store just a few items, get in contact with the team at Everton Self Storage!