What do I need to know?

When you store your furniture the storage cost depends on the amount of space you require and the storage plan you choose. This applies whether you are storing short or long term.

The majority of the units at Everton Self Storage are a minimum of 2.9m high, which allows goods to be stacked into a smaller floor area than would be possible at a home. The more height used in the unit the smaller the size required, therefore immediately reducing the cost of storage and reducing the cost over time.

Indicative prices.

The following table indicates the cost for storage for various size houses and units.

Booking Option House size Approximate volume required (in Cubic metres) Cost per calendar month
A 4-5 bedroom home 52 $397.00 – $416.00
B 3 bedroom home- highset 35 $280.00 – $301.00
C 3 bedroom home -lowset 26 $233.00
D 2 bedroom townhouse 17 $181.00
E 1 bedroom unit 13 $137.00


What if my needs differ?

Everton Self Storage has over 50 different sizes and over 900 storage units.


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