Packing your self storage unit … by yourself!

By packing your unit in the right manner you will ensure that you can make the most of the storage space you have selected. Usually you can rely on specialized removalists to do this for you, but by yourself the easiest way to do this is by undertaking the Plan, Protect and Place Procedure.


1             Plan

Initially when you arrive to store your belongings think about what you have and plan to ensure you make the most of your space. Whilst it may seem pretty self explanatory, this process is frequently neglected by storers. Why? Well, this is because many people associate the planning phase with the selection of the unit; ‘It should house my goods, that’s enough!’ They say to themselves. Therefore once the unit is in their possession they stop thinking about how their goods are going to fit into the space and just rock up with their goods. This is the worst thing that can and does happen in relation to storage  because placement of items is critical; not only for access to the goods and storage unit, but for the utilisation of the three dimensional space. Furthermore, it has been heard of that people have put their goods into storage, and realised at a later date that they need something, only to find that they have put it at the back of their unit. Therefore by having a plan of how your goods will fit into storage you can ensure that you have appropriate use of your space.


2             Protect

Even though protecting your goods can be considered part of the plan phase, to ensure your peace of mind and prevent damage to your goods, please consider the following information. Before packing a storage space with your goods, protect your belongings for storage, for e.g. cover mattresses and fabric couches with sheets or plastic covers to prevent them from absorbing dust, or spray cardboard boxes with a bug-killing surface spray and seal them to prevent damage to your items. Consequently these efforts will safeguard your goods and will help the planning phase by taking everything into consideration. If you are looking for more information on how to protect and store your furniture, whitegoods and yard equipment it may be beneficial to visit our storage tips category.


3             Place

After going through the plan and protect phases, the practical ‘placing’ of your goods comes into play. After you arrive at your unit with your goods in tow, generally you must pack the most solid and heavy items at the bottom, which allows you to stack on top and take advantage of the entire storage space. Moreover small, light items can be stacked in gaps or on top of other items. You may want to refer to our storage tips category for information on how to store different types of furniture. And if you’re looking at document storage, for archived boxes, the best solution is to use shelving in order to make full use of the available space and make your records easily accessible.



In Conclusion, storing goods at a self storage facility is not a simple set and forget procedure. Many factors contribute to properly packing a self storage unit such as planning, protecting and placing your belongings, but by following the above procedure you will ensure that you have made the most of the storage space you have selected and have safeguarded your goods. And remember Proper Planning and Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.