Long Term Storage.More than 95% of our storage units at Everton Self Storage are either insulated or built under a concrete ceiling in order to reduce temperature fluctuations. Queensland summer temperatures are notoriously high and the extra insulation over your storage area will be beneficial for the storage of your goods.

We also have some areas within our facility that are also fan cooled. A cooler place to store your goods.

The wide aisles gives easy access to external units while providing space for large vehicles to pass.

Our rigorous cleaning regime provides the cleanest long term storage facility available, this will be evident on inspection.

Our internal and external aisle ways and roadways are regularly cleaned using vacuumised sweepers. The roadways are 7.5m wide and allow easy access for even the largest furniture removal vehicles. So when making the decision to find your next long term storage facility, be sure to inspect Everton Self Storage.


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