There are several components to the cost of your storage.

The most expensive part of the exercise may not be the actual storing cost.

If you have a full house of furniture to store, the storage cost may be much less than the cost to have the furniture moved into storage.

The actual cost to store will depend on the duration of time you need to store.

Here is a check list

Choose an experienced removalist

The majority of furniture removals are from house to house not house to storage.

If you are moving your goods to storage you should endeavor to hire a removalist experienced in moving household furniture to storage. This kind will usually be more efficient and have the experience required to carefully store your goods in a smaller space.

This is important because you pay for the size of the space you use in storage and you should endeavor to use as little space as possible to keep the storage cost down.

The space you use for storage is three dimensional space, not two dimensional space such as 3 metres by 3 metres.

The three dimensional or cubic space you are hiring depends on the height of the space.

The only time the height of the space is of no consequence is when you are storing goods that cannot be stacked – or when you are moving house to house.

The good news is that the majority of household goods can be stacked (with care) in storage.

Be present for the move.

Damage can occur to your goods during your move – sometimes for unavoidable reasons and can be expensive if you have no redress.

Make sure you are on hand to witness any damage in uplifting your property and in placing them in storage.

The same is true when you move your goods out of storage – to minimize risk of loss through damage be on hand for your move.

The difficulty of recouping for damage will double if a different removalist is used each time your goods are moved and responsibility cannot be establlished.

Where to store?

Most families who have to store decide upon the nearest storage facility to their home because the total cost to move and store is usually less.

The most important move is to go to inspect the storage facility and see where your goods will be stored. This will allow you to gain an opinion of the people who will be storing your goods.

See what you “get for your money”.

A few reasons to travel past the nearest facility include.

  • Looking for the cleanest storage space available.
  • Seeking flood free storage your furniture and household items.
  • Need for a dry, cool (under concrete) long term storage space.
  • Looking for personalized customer service from courteous and helpful assistants.
  • Intending to move later to a new home nearer to your storage location.
  • To obtain a stable rental charge without the risk of frequent increases / reviews.

How to reduce your costs.

Huge Discounts! – Look closely!

A great marketing device to get you in – but what will your rent become at the next review?

something for nothing – sounds too good to be true and it invariably is.

We have over 50 different sizes of storage space and have an excellent range of prices.

Our assistants have many years of on site experience and can help with storage ideas that could save you money.

Further savings may be made if you consider doing all or some of the move yourself.

You can expect advice from us if you decide to do this.