Fan Cooled Storage Building.This section of the facility has been purpose built for fan cooled storage in order to provide a clean air, storage environment with minimum temperature fluctuations. This is particularly important throughout summer to maintain the integrity of your belongings and ensure that they remain just as you stored them.

Our specially designed fan cooled storage system ensures that the total volume of air in the building is changed an average of seven times every hour. With this advanced system contained within our facility, it demonstrates the level of importance placed on keeping your goods safe, secure and away from harm. We strive to ensure your experience at Everton Self Storage is as hassle-free as possible and this is just one of the ways that we care for you.

The entire building including floors, walls and the ceiling is constructed of concrete to maintain temperatures and is ideal for long term storage. Next time you are looking for a solution that will take good care of your belongings, look toward the fan cooled storage units at Everton Self Storage, you will not find better care!

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